Mental Health Services Act Grant for Los
Angeles County Psychiatrist
San  Gabriel Regional Center received a grant via the Mental
Health Services Act (Prop 63) for In-patient  Training and
Out-patient Training of Los Angeles County PSYCHIATRIST
M.D.s for 2010 and 2011.
Los Angeles County DMH / DCFS Psychiatrists Training

“Best Practices for Medication, Treatment and Monitoring of Individuals
with Developmental Disabilities and Mental Illness (DDMI).”

Training occurs “live” with Hospital in patient and out-patients with a developmental
disability and mental illness.
Training Dates 2011:
Sept. 14th (FULL) Oct. 12th (OPEN) Nov. 9th (OPEN)

To participate, contact Dr. Stephen Mouton,
Director of MHSA Psychiatric Training Grant
Email :
Phone :(909)868-752

Click here for photo's of this years training's!
Morning Session:
In-patient Training at College Hospital DDMI Wing Program with
Chief of Staff, Dr. Craig Wronski

The morning in-patient program is from 9am – Noon with the team of
Psychiatrists reviewing regional center patients on the 18-bed adult wing and 12-
bed youth wing and includes education covering topics including: Treatment
differentiation from County Psychiatric hospitals and the non-regional center
population. Differences in medication, metabolism,  response to classes of
meds, side effects, length of treatment, special concerns, differences among
types of mental retardation,  autism, SIB & response to treatment, bedside
approach, monitoring and levels.

Craig Wronski, O.D.*15 years Experience, Triple Board Certified, Chief of Staff
College Hospital   (800) 352-3301 Admissions
Afternoon Session:
Outpatient Training with Dr. Carlos Muralles at:
San Gabriel Pomona Regional Center
761 Corporate Center Drive, Pomona, CA 91768
2-5 PM

The afternoon session takes place at San Gabriel Pomona Regional Center’s
conference room, where 3-6 “live” patients with co-occurring developmental disability
and mental illness will be schedule to be seen by the group.
In addition, the following topics will be covered:
  • Definition and History of Developmental Disability
  • Classification
  • Etiology
  • Epidemiology – Familial pattern – Specific Cultural and Gender Features
  • Symptoms and diagnostic features related to developmental disability and
    psychiatric conditions
  • Associated features and disorders other than the criteria for diagnosis
  • Course of the condition
  • Assessment and alternative techniques
  • Chief complaint and history of complaint symptoms
  • Dynamic formulation
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Conclusive criteria / tentative diagnosis
  • Treatment plan
  • Recommendations
  • Prognosis
  • Resources

Carlos Muralles, M.D. * 30 years Experience, Medical Director of Alma Family Service
(323) 881-3799

Carlos Muralles, M.D. is the Medical Director for Alma Family Services.  He has been working
with Alma since 1981.  Dr. Muralles has provided psychiatric care to adult clients diagnosed
with developmental disorders for over 30 years.  In addition to his psychiatric specialty he also
has a specialty in internal medicine.
and crisis